Daz Dillinger – Witit Witit [Album]

Out on: December 4, 2012

Type: Albums


Check out this new studio album from Daz Dillinger titled Witit Witit. Released on December 4, 2012 by DP Records. Stream now online or download via iTunes.

1. Y.N.W.K.U. (YoungnGgaswillkillu)
2. Street Money
3. Tha Hood Ft. Schy Keeton & Mz. Jenise
4. 1 On 1
5. Ryd’n
6. Once Again
7. Hold Up Ft. Crystal
8. Come Thru Ft. Schy Keeton
9. My Btch
10. Ball It Up Ft. Khujo
11. Goin Gorilla
12. D-Boy Money Ft. 8 Ball & Gwop Nino
13. Witit Witit

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