Hopsin – Knock Madness [Album]

Out on: November 24, 2013

Type: Albums


Hopsin - Knock Madness

Stream this third studio album from Hopsin titled Knock Madness. Released on November 26, 2013 by Funk Volume/Empire.

1. The Friends Are Knocking
2. Hop Is Back
3. Who’s There feat. Jarren Benton & Dizzy Wright
4. Tear To Snow
5. Rip Your Heart Out feat. Tech N9ne
6. Nollie Tre Flip
7. Gimmie That Money
8. I Need Help
9. Hip Hop Sinister
10. Good Guys Get Left Behind
11. Bad Guys Get Left Behind
12. Old Friend
13. Still Got Love For You
14. Jungle Bash feat. SwizZz
15. Lunch Time Cypher feat. Passionate Mc & G-Mo Skee
16. Dream Forever
17. What’s My Purpose
18. Caught In The Rain

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