Drake – Nothing Was The Same (Album)

Published on: September 16, 2013

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Stream this third studio album from Drake titled Nothing Was The Same. Released on September 24, 2013 by OVO/YMCM/Republic Records. Listen now online or download from iTunes.

Drake – NWTS by streetkingdom on Grooveshark

  • h8tr

    I know you’re sad…but can we please gtfo Rihanna, Drake? Damn.

    • no

      Where? Drake talks about girls on every single song. I doubt he cares enough about it or her so the few ppl that keep speculating need to move on.

  • vsop

    this album the shit

  • jenniffersb

    Love it!

  • Cuervo

    Album of the year…

  • Lucas

    @d487c8e7ef54c3201506b91f91d6ea11:disqus dude he barely sings about her in this album. This album is about being on top right now his last album was about her -_-

    • hatr

      I feel where you’re coming from but he does.
      In each song there’s at least one full verse or half assed remark focusing on her or Chris Brown. It’s just sad. Some shit you’d never want to see your friend go through – nor one of your favorite artists.

      • Lucas

        I can feel that and i guess ur right but not every song he has is towards them he has his fair share of enemies and past relationships. It just that chris brown and rihanna are his more public fueds and break ups so everyone automatically asumes that what ever he said is towards them. And also i wanted to know Will u buy his album?

        • h8tr

          Yep, I bought the deluxe version.
          I was hoping the rumors weren’t true but he really didn’t include The Motion on it :/ oh well, it’s still a great single!

  • sad now

    let downnnnnnnnnnn

  • sadfaceatdrake

    huge letdown… Pusha will deliver.

  • DRAKE#1

    Forever a DRAKE fan! Love the album… he deff delivered!

  • straitgutta

    this album shows Drake’s ability to disregard popular trends and stay true to himself…I fucks with this album heavy…you gotta respect his honesty

  • http://www.thecorporatethiefbeats.com/ Daniel Hartnet

    I have been listening to this album since the leak really liking it. There are really cool beats in here.

    Check out the language Prod by Boi -1da really cool grove also loving the track be hind Pound Cake Ft Jay Z really nice track .

    The Album is really cool not sure if it as deep lyrically as Take Care but the songs are a little more up beat

  • Ruben Michel

    cant wait to buy the real album.!!!!

  • Javon

    Too Much is a killer track

  • fonzo

    no fillers

  • THe.TruTh

    Drake why you do it to them. Dropping back to back hits on the radio … then still have a full list of hits still for the album. #trueartist

  • Tedrick

    Enough said drizzy did his thing he show alot of enthuse and patience i know it was along time coming back you did your thing respect aubrey graham